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Elite International Academy aims to be one of the best international learning environments in Istanbul. Established in 2018, Elite welcomes International students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Our campus is equipped with an indoor/outdoor sport facilities, gymnasium, basketball court, ice skating rink, a 3D Cinema, half-Olympic sized swimming pool, a cafeteria, STEM/Robotics/Science laboratories, prayer rooms, special music & arts hall and an amphitheater for theatrical events. Elite implements the American curriculum with Cognia accreditation, and it's authorized by the Turkish Ministry of Education. With a balance of academics, self development, and life preparation, Elite students are equipped for success in college and beyond.

Teacher and Student


We view education as, metaphorically speaking, lighting a fire rather than filling a bucket. We aim to instill a love for learning in our students as a passionate pursuit in and of itself. We focus on teaching students how to ask the right questions, and fuel the desire to search for answers.

In order to learn, children need to make mistakes


At our school, we believe that each one of our kids is a different, unique story. Therefore, education is not about producing copies of the same standard student. At Elite, we encourage students to take risks, think critically and explore, in order to develop their skills and knowledge. Our teachers are dedicated to creating a safe and nurturing learning environment that fosters a culture of exploration and discovery.

We have a dream


Our Staff comes from diverse cultural backgrounds. Our leaders are characterized by multidisciplinary experiences. Our minds believe in uniqueness of each student. Our methods use interactive learning strategies. Our thoughts are about children centred learning. Our plan is focused on children having daily opportunities to learn actively with their hands, minds, and emotions. Our teachers are monitoring; Our parents are sharing; Our community is involved. We do believe that the education process should be continuous in the classes, corridors, playgrounds, food courts, way to home and in everywhere kids could be in or dream of. So we planned and designed our school to be the best place for creativity for each child in the group.

Your child, our commitment


Our mission at Elite Academy is to support our kids through their lifelong discovery journey exploring their destinations; to consolidate their key skills and traits; and to help master their set of “languages.” One day, if the right path is trodden, our kids’ dreams will come true and absolute happiness will be achieved.

To promote innovative solutions , inspire actions that create positive, sustainable future for children. While children need stimulating learning environments that provide the knowledge and skills, they need to tackle the challenges of this century.

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